Back 04/07/2015


It is a special occasion as we have the pleasure to present the last aquarelle collection of Francesc Massanas. Mediterranean colors, is the title of this series of 48 pieces themed ampurdanesa and Ibizan, where their seas, sunsets, rural corners and sailors take great prominence through but their characters. They are medium-format compositions, as you will see; tell stories through the human figure. You will discover fishermen, street vendors, shoppers, tourists and manaies ... that Massanas has made in recent years and will now be exposed in the Bòbila Atelier de Corçà.

It is also special for La Bòbila because with this exhibition, starts a new stage as a production and artistic creation center, as a reference center for artists.. a meeting point for craftsmen, painters, restorers, decorators or art lovers who find in La Bòbila a space to develop creations at different levels.